Complete Prewiring System
MRL Gearless Control Panel

Electronic Products
♦ birINCI Lift Controller
Motor Drivers
♦ Vacon NXP (closed loop, with encoder) drivers.
Rescue Function
♦ By releasing brakes (with UPS)
♦ By active motor driving (with UPS)
Panel Type
♦ Single panel, slim design
36 x 200 x 27 cm (Width x Height x Depth)
Stop Number
♦ Up to 32 stops
Maximum Car Speed
♦ Up to 2,0 m/s.
Control System
♦ All kind of traffic systems
Group Control
♦ Dublex
Cabin Cabling
♦ Serial Communication with TeleKon Inspection Box
♦ Parallel Cabling
Cabin Position Info
♦ Gray Code
♦ Counter
♦ Encoder (Shaft Copy System)
Cabin Enterance
♦ Automatic door support is standart
♦ Second automatic door support is available with OPT1B.
Automatic Door Type
It works with all kind of automatic doors.
It supports independent automatic door control which can be adjustable according to stops.
Phase Protection Relay
On Board (standart)
Display Output
♦ 7 Segment display output is standart
♦ NPN type (1000) gray code and binary code output is standart.
♦ PNP type (100) gray code and binary code output is available with OPT1A.
Electrical Distribution Panel
♦ Yes, Internal
Shaft Lighting
♦ By current pulse relay.