Complete Prewiring System
birINCI Lift Controller
Can be used in VERTICAL position. (Generally in MRL panels)
Shaft copy (ENCODER) system.
New functions with opton board.
Flexibal architechture. Custimize 8 relay output and 3 digital input. 
Phase protection feature is standart.
Portable keypad. Parameters can be upload to keypad and download from keypad
Error free testing with "Quick Calling Board"
Stop Number
32 Stops
Control Type
All kind of traffic system.
Drive Type
Single Speed
Double Speed
 VVVF Inverter
      Geared Traction Machine
      Gearless Traction Machine (MR or MRL)
Group Control
Serial Communication
With Cabin
Option board slots
4 pieces additional slot. New functions are available with additional option boards.
OPT1A - 8 Digital Input/Output Kartı
OPT1B - 2 Relay Output, 2 Digital Input Board
OPT2C - Encoder board
OPT3A - Modbus Serial Comm. Board.
Additional Functions
Customize input and outputs.
On board 8 relay outputs, 3 digital inputs as standart.
     8 digital input/outputs with OPT1A.
     2 relay outputs, 2 digital inputs with OPT1B.
Shaft Copy (encoder) system.
Gray code, binary code outputs for pushbuttons.
Support for second cabin door.
Vertical usage is avilable for MRL panels
On board phase protection relay.
Unpluggable Keypad
Parameters can be upload to keypad and download from keypad.